Oasis 270 – The Relief You Have Been Looking For – 270 Vegetarian Capsules





270 -750 mg (600 powder) Vegetarian Capsules

Is a proprietary blend made up of Akuamma (Picralima Nitida Powder), and Kanna (Sceletium Tortuosum Powder). Characteristics of these two items are Pain Relief, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti Diabeteic, mood elevation, decreased anxiety, stress and tension and depression. It is also very commonly used to relieve the symptoms of ADHD. The combination of these two incredible Natural Ethnobotanicals has also been found to give major relief for those suffering from arthritis.

With any product that you are not familiar with, it is best to start with minimum amounts. In many cases, 1 capsule twice daily is effective. More commonly, 2 capsules in the morning and 2 in the early evening will work quite well. Drink plenty of liquids. Best to take with a little food, such as toast.

Warnings! Do not combine with pharmaceuticals, especially SSRI’s. Do not take any sooner than 10-12 hours.

Using Oasis and supplementing in between with Kratom or more Akuamma is ok if needed but do not combine with any more Kanna. The effects of doing so will result in headaches or possibly euphoria. Both ingredients are completely safe and can be taken in larger quantities without short term health issues. Studies have shown both items to be taken at 10 times the suggested use will not cause short term health problems but high dose long term use has not yet been studied.

The above statements have not been analyzed or approved by the FDA

Nothing above as stated is intended to diagnose. treat or cure, any disease or condition.

If you have a medical condition, then consult a medical doctor.

Information provided about common uses is for informational purposes and can be found on any informational website.



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